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Interested in a verification of your technology? ETV in short

Welcome to DANETV

Danish Center for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies, DANETV, offers independent testing of technologies and products for the reduction and monitoring of environmental and climate impacts with in the following technology areas:

DANETV is a collaboration between 3 GTS companies (approved technological service), working as test bodies under the EU ETV Pilot Programme: DHI, Danish Technological Institute (incl. AgroTech) and FORCE Technology (incl. DELTA). DANETV cooperates with ETA Denmark, who is accredited as verification body under the EU ETV Pilot Programme.


Great interest for the EU verifications

There is a lot ongoing activity under the EU's verification pilot program see here .

Verifications carried out with Danish companies are described in information material from EU

EU has published a folder about the increased marked potential related to an environmental verification. It is described how verifications were carried out using technology invented by the Danish companies Adept Water Technologies and Dall Energy. For more information see here .

Movie regarding DANETV verifications

DANETV has in collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency made a movie about verifications. In the movie Mosbaek A/S and Rokkedahl Energy present their technology and explains why they have chosen to go through with a verification and what impact it have had on their business. See the movie here

Environmental technology verification: an emerging discipline

Hopes are high for ETV - environmental technology verification. This emerging practice can help the developers of eco-innovative technologies gain market acceptance by providing an independent assessment of the veracity of their claims about the performance and environmental benefits of their technologies. This verification can be used for many purposes: to provide evidence to the first customers and to investors that the technology really does what it claims, to differentiate from competing technologies, to avoid repeating the same tests for different customers or to support a bid for a public contract.

Read articles from ETV Stakeholder Forum, which took place in Hannover, Germany, 7-8 April 2014. link and link

ETA Denmark A/S now heads the Danish EU ETV verification body  

As stated in the press releases from the Danish Standard, DS Certification and DNV, Danish Standards will transfer the majority of its activities in DS Certification to Det Norske Veritas, DNV. The sale will help to strengthen Danish Standards other businesses while ensuring that DS Certification have better opportunities to meet the growing international competition and expand its market position.  

It is solely a sale of the certification body, i.e. issue of certificates to companies or for products. The remaining activities continues in ETA-Danmark A/S, which is a subsidiary 100 % owned by Danish Standards.  

ETA Denmark maintains the accreditation to issue verification of environmental technologies ( ETV ). This is continued in cooperation with the DANETV partners, and both ETA-Danmark and DANETV are pleased in being able to continue the well-established and good cooperation.  

ETA Denmark issue national approvals - MK and VA approvals - for building products and is accredited and notified to issue European Technical Assessments (ETA’s) on the basis of the Construction Products Regulation.

- We are pleased that ETA Denmark will continue as a wholly owned subsidiary of Danish Standards. It supports our Danish anchor and our vision to be recognized for contributing to the improvement and quality in the Danish business community and society by strengthening our customers' credibility and competitiveness, says Thomas Bruun, ETA Denmark.

 DS Certification accredited as Danish verification body

DS Certification has in close cooperation with DANETV obtained accreditation as Verification Body for the three technology areas covered by the EU ETV Pilot Programme: Materials, waste and ressourcer, Water and Energy. In addition the accreditation covers verification of technologies in the areas of Air, Soil and groundwater, Cleaner production and processes and Environmental technologies for agriculture. It is expected that the four latter technology areas by time will be included in the EU ETV Programme.

Despite DS Certification have five other verification bodies obtained the accreditation, and more are to come.

For more information confirm the EU ETV webpage here.

 Global ETV Operator Network

DANETV has started a network for ETV operators. The purpose of the network is to enhance cooperation between the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) operators of the world. This network will operate in parallel with an International Working Group on ETV (IWG ETV).

The purpose of the network is to share information on the national and international ETV activities as well as share Best Practices and use each other as external ETV experts. We will work on possibilities to perform verification in cooperation in order to enhance mutual recognition and will support the development of an ISO ETV standard.

The participants are ETV operators, who have hands-on experience in performing verifications or desire to achieve this, either as verification agent for the national ETV programme, verification body or test body. At the moment the network covers organisations as Battelle in US, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, GLOBE Performance Solutions in Canada and several organisations from the EU among others DHI and DS Certification from DANETV, VVT from Finland, IVL from Sweden, PLANETA from Spain and LNE from France.

The network meets virtually every second month and is open for other interested participants. If interested in the network please write an email to

Open Letter on ETV handed out at EUROPE INNOVA 2012 Congress  23-24 October in Copenhagen

The congress topic was Stress test of innovation policy in Europe. The theme of the congress was 1) SME Innovation Support Programmes, 2) Commercial Exploration of Knowledge and Inventions and 3) Cluster Policy and Cluster Programmes. The congress is arranged by Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education  in collaboration with European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry and other Director Generals of the European Commission. More than 700 policy makers, programme owners, cluster managers, project managers, enterprises, researchers, journalists, students and innovation policy experts from 50 countries all over the world participated. More information on the congress can be found here.

The open letter on ETV was distributed to all participants. The letter is entitled Accelerating Innovation Acceptance by VERIFICATION and can be found here.

Joint and co-verification presented at the International Water Association (IWA) Congress and Exhibition in Busan, Korea, September 2012

The work on joint and co-verification performed under the EU AdvanceETV project was presented in a poster session on the congress. In preparation of the poster participated the involved verification bodies from US, Canada and Denmark as well two technology vendors. The poster has been published at IWA Water Wiki!

The poster can be found on Water Wiki by following this link.

A Comprehensive Guide for Proposers to EU Environmental Technology Verification Pilot Programme is now available

The intention with the guide is to ease the ETV process for proposers/vendors when having a verification performed on their technology.

The guide can be found by following this link.

AdvanceETV conference in Brussels 22-24. May 2012 - ETV in EU and internationally

To conclude the EU-project AdvanceETV a conference on ETV was held May 22 to 24 in Brussels. The conference provided status of the ETV program in the EU and the work on internationalization and had speakers from USA, Canada, the Philippines and Korea. Together with the conference two worskhops were be held. One for organizations interested in becoming Verification or Test body under the EU ETV pilot programme and and one for companies who are interested in having their environmental technology verified. In addition a session was held 24. May on EU ETV as part of the Brussels Green Week, whose theme this year was The Water Challenge - Every Drop Counts.

Here is the presentations from the conference and the workshops and the conference programme. For further information please contact Mette Tjener Andersson

DANETV in the magazin WaterCanada

DANETV has contributed to an article in the magazin WaterCanada ( The article in concerning international recognition of verification seen from a Canadian perspective. See the full article here.

Danish EPA held conference on ETV together with the DANETV

Due to the launch of the EU ETV pilot programme Danish EPA and DANETV held a conference on ETV in Eigtveds Pakhus 29. February 2012. The presentations are now available here (mainly in Danish). 

DANETV has visited ETV programmes in Asia

DANETV partners from DHI has visited ETV programmes in Japan, Korea and Philippines as well as the organisation responsible for implementing an ETV programme in China. The focus of the meetings was cooperation on verifications. If your technology ready for verification and is interested in the Asian markets, we might be able to help you. For more information look here.

DANETV and the Danish EPA host conference on ETV 29. February in Copenhagen

DANETV and the Danish EPA hosts on the occasion of the launch of the EU ETV pilot programme  a conference on Environmental Technology verification on 29. February in Eigtveds Pakhus in Copenhagen.

The programme is to be found here (in Danish only). For registration send an email to Mette Tjener Andersson before 15. February.

DELTA, performer of reliability and environmental testing, is new partner in DANETV

DANETV was established by four GTS companies in 2008 and now DELTA has become the fifth partner with a special expertise in reliability and environmental testing.

DELTA has some of the best Danish testing facilities for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), temperature, solar radiation, humidity, salt mist, water, vibration, shocks, impact and other environmental conditions - all of them being able to affect product performance and life expectancy.

For information on DELTA as new partner in DANETV look here.

EU launches EU ETV pilot programme

The EU ETV programme covers the technology areas of 1) water treatment and -monitoring, 2) materials, waste and resources and 3) energy technologies.

DS Certification will in cooperation with DANETV apply for accreditation under the EU ETV pilot programme, but will continue to offer verification under the original DANETV technology areas; water, air, energy and agriculture.

For more information on the EU ETV pilot programme visit:

DANETV participation in AquaMatch during Amsterdam Water Week

If interested you can meet DANETV at the matchmaking event during Amsterdam Water Week, AquaMatch on 3 November. Homepage of AquaMatch.

Newsletter from AdvanceETV, October 2011

Read the latest news from AdvanceETV, an EU-supported project promoting the international cooperation about ETV. Read newsletter.

Newsletter from AdvanceETV, April 2011

Read the latest news from AdvanceETV, an EU-supported project promoting the international cooperation about ETV. Read newsletter.

News about EU ETV from an international conference in Brussels

At the AdvanceETV conference 24th to 26th of May 2011 the European Commission presented the plans for the upcoming ETV pre-programme, which is launched in autumn 2011. Another issue discussed at the conference was how to improve the cooperation and coordination between the ETV initiatives in Asia, North America and Europe. Approximately 75 people from 13 different countries participated in the conference demonstrating a broad interest for the ETV concept.  

See presentations from the AdvanceETV conference here

Contact Thorkild Q Frandsen for questions or comments. Phone: +45 2171 7761. E-mail:

ETV in a global perspective

Change of wings on the scene of international ETV cooperation The environmental technology verification (ETV) program run by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has withdrawn from the international co-operation on ETV. With the current establishment of new ETV programs in Europe and in Asia, the emphasis in international ETV cooperation is accordingly changing to achieve mutual recognition of ETV data among the programs remaining in the cooperation and supporting the exploitation of innovative environmental technologies in Asia, Canada and Europe. The program for the upcoming workshop on international ETV cooperation in Bilbao has been adjusted accordingly.

Improved cooperation on environmental technology verification, ETV

An international workshop with participants from Europe, the US, Canada, the Philippines, Japan and Korea scheduled for October 2010 in Bilbao, Spain, will test road maps for cooperation on ETV between different ETV programmes. Road maps for co- and joint verification will be tested with case data aiming at improved and internationally acceptable cooperation models. See the programme for the workshop here. Participation in the meeting is by invitation only, but meeting reports and final road maps will be published.

First phase of a European Environmental Technology Verification program is now decided

The European Commission has now decided that a European Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pre-program will be launched, expected to be operational from early Summer 2012. The EU ETV program will operate in parallel with the existing ETV programs in e.g. the US, Canada, the Philippines, Japan and Korea.
The EU ETV pilot program will initially be covering 2-3 broad environmental technology areas and be based in volunteering member states, but allowing for environmental technologies from all parts of the EU being verified. During early 2010, member states will have the opportunity to offer their participation in the pilot program, primarily through support to accreditation of verification bodies for operation of the EU ETV pilot program. Concurrently, the final selection of technology areas will be done.

The EU Commission is expecting to provide partial funding for initiating the EU ETV pilot program and in particular for supporting small and medium sized enterprises entering the ETV program.  The EU ETV pilot program will be reassessed after a period of operation for potential expansion with respect to numbers of member states and technology areas involved, and also to the need for EU legislation supporting the EU ETV acceptance by the member states.

The launching of the EU ETV initiative will support verification of environmental technologies according to harmonized European methods, it also will enhance the cooperation on joint verification and mutually accepted technology verifications already established on a project basis with the US and Canada, and will accordingly provide additional opportunities for Danish environmental technology providers for entering new markets supported by credible documentation for the performance of their products.

Click here for more information.

Nordic Innovation Centre, an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers, has decided to etablish a Nordic scheme for Environmental Technology Verification, ETV.

Click here for more information.