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Verification Body:

ETA Danmark

ETA Danmark

ETA Danmark is accredited by DANAK as verification body under the EU ETV Pilot Programme.

Thomas Bruun
+45 7224 5968

Test Bodies:


AgroTech - Institute for Agri Technology and Food Innovation

Since 2016, AgroTech is a division of the Danish Technological Institute.

AgroTech works with knowledge transfer in the field between natural science biology and biological technology:



DHI has worked with water, the environment, water-related technologies and software tools for more than 40 years. DHI offers a wide range of services worldwide, and is equipped with advanced testing laboratories. DHI is engaged in extensive research and development activities within the following areas:

Gerald Heinicke
+ 45 4516 9268


FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology posesses highly specialised engineering knowledge and translates this into practical and cost-effective solutions for a large selection of businesses and industries worldwide.

FORCE Technology’s competence is built on a solid foundation with more than 60 years' of experience within innovative development and the use of knowledge and technology within:

Trine Erdal
+45 2269 7024

Teknologisk Institut

Danish Technological Institute

The Danish Technological Institute develops, applies and promotes research and technology-based knowledge to Danish trades and industries. The institute initiates projects on development, verification and consultancy within:

Bodil Højland Lorentzen
+ 45 7220 1539



Since 2016, DELTA is a part of FORCE Technology.

DELTA optimises the application of technology for success in a complex world. We specialize in design, development, test, certification and consultancy in the following areas: