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Solar panels

DANETV offers verification of solar panels - especially air solar panel systems. The Danish Technological Institute verifies technology and products within this area. The performance and efficiency under a variety operational conditions can be tested.

Bjarke Paaske
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Verifications performed

Dehumidification using solar air collectors
DANETV has verified the dehumidification ability of solar air collectors in summer cottages, damp basements or other types of buildings.

Solar air collectors resemble conventional liquid solar collectors. But instead of heating water, outdoor air is extracted through the collector box where it is heated and vented into the building. The fan that creates the airflow is powered by a photovoltaic cell and the collector is therefore able to produce warm air by merely utilizing the sun rays.
As the fan is driven by the photovoltaic cell, the airflow through the collector is automatically regulated, according to the amount of heat produced in the collector. In cloudy periods with low solar radiation, the fan speed is automatically reduced and the air is extracted through the solar collector at a lower rate allowing sufficient heating of the air.
Solar air collectors can be used for dehumidification using the sun as the only energy source and thereby the indoor climate can be improved in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. 

The effect of using solar air collectors for dehumidification has been verified for the three Danish providers Ans Solvarme, Dansolar and SolarVenti under realistic conditions through DANETV.

Ans Solvarme: Statement of Verification, Verification Report and Test Report.

DanSolar: Statement of Verification, Verification Report and Test Report.

SolarVenti: Statement of Verification, Verification Report and Test Report.